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SCUC ISD leads the way in Quality Texas Foundation training

SCUC ISD is hosting a three-day Quality Texas Training session which began October 31st in the board room of the William Malish Building. Almost twenty organizations, including education institutions and municipalities, are taking part in the Quality Texas Foundation (QTF) Examiner training session. QTF Examiners are guided into being able to independently review applications from organizations trying to implement systemic ways of improving daily.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Greg Gibson, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Damon Edwards and nine other district employees are taking part in the Internal Organizational Improvement Coach portion as well, to help prepare others for promotion to leadership positions. The course contains information from the latest material of Harvard Business Review and the Sloan MIT Management Review along with the latest research.

SCUC Belief Statement six: “We believe in a Professional Learning Community that fosters collaboration for continuous improvement.”

Motto: SCUC – A District with Passion and Purpose!

Quality Texas Training  Quality Texas Training