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A Message to the SCUC ISD Community

December 17, 2018 

Dear SCUC ISD Community, 

Earlier today, school officials received information that led to the identification of the individual who wrote a threatening statement in the girls’ restroom at Samuel Clemens High School on Friday, December 14th.  Within an hour of receiving this information, school administration, working with law enforcement, was able to identify and locate the student. 

After interviewing the student, law enforcement was able to determine there was no credible threat to students or staff at Clemens High School.  Although we are relieved students were not actually in danger, these types of threatening statements are taken very seriously, and SCUC ISD will pursue the full disciplinary actions according to the student code of conduct and the law in these types of situations. 

We all share the responsibility to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. We urge all of our stakeholders to contact campus administration or local law enforcement if you perceive any kind of threat toward a student, staff member or campus. Anything you see or hear that makes you uncomfortable, nervous, or frightened, especially threats of dangerous behavior, needs to be reported immediately to local law enforcement authorities. If you see something, say something. SCUC ISD will always investigate every potential threat with the urgency it demands. 

We appreciate the thorough and timely response by the students, school staff, community, and local law enforcement agencies regarding this incident. 

Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting the safety of your children to us. We are thankful our community is vigilant and helpful in this partnership we share of keeping everyone safe.


A Letter to the SCUC ISD Community