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Seventeen district alums included in newest crop of teachers

Seventeen of the 130 new teachers to the district are SCUC ISD graduates. They took a moment to be recognized in a photograph at the New Teacher Welcome held on August 5th at the Marion Dolford Learning Center.

Front row, left to right: Kristine Acededo, Clemens HS; Allison Knox, Clemens HS; Addie Craighead, Steele HS; Brianna Parks, Steele HS; Shannon Prentiss, Clemens HS; Briana Gibbs, Steele HS; Ciera Wilkerson, Steele HS; and Bridget Dooley, Steele HS.

Back row, left to right: Pam Stewart, Clemens HS; Marquis Stakes, Clemens HS; Nicholas Brumgard, Clemens HS; Russell Ridge, Steele HS; Anthony Castañeda, Clemens HS; Laura Lauber, Clemens HS; Jason Harrison, Clemens HS; Lauren Gregory, Steele HS; and Craig C. Wood, Clemens HS.



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