Medication Policy

1. Parent should make EVERY effort to schedule student's medication in a manner that medication brought to school will be kept at a minimum.

2. ALL medication must be in its original container.  NO medications will be administered from baggies, foil, or mislabeled containers.

3. Over the counter medication will only be administered for five consecutive days then is to be picked up by a responsible adult.  ANY MEDICATION NOT PICKED UP WILL BE DISCARDED.  

4. Medications that need to be administered longer than five days must be accompanied by a physician's written order in addition to the parent's written request.  The medication must be in a current, properly labeled pharmacy bottle.

5. No dietary supplements (non FDA approved) can be administered at school.

6. Students ARE NOT PERMITTIED TO CARRY AND DISPENSE OWN MEDICATION.  All medicine must be kept in the clinic with the nurse.  Exceptions to this rule are students that have paperwork on file stating they can carry their diabetic supplies, asthma inhalers or epi pens.

7.  All medications that are not picked up prior to the last day of school WILL BE DISCARDED.