What are the component of an SLC classroom?

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1.  The curriculum taught contains grade-level TEKS for learning as well as IEP goals.

2.  The development of language, communication, social skills, self-help, self-regulation, sensory integration, as well as academic skills are explicitly taught and generalization of these skills to all settings is the goal.

3.  SLC provides predictability in the learning environment through instense visual supports, consistent verbal commands, and an organized sequence of activities.

4.  Multiple evidence-based teaching methods will be used to ensure progress towards individual goals.  These can include, but are not limited to, discrete trial training and pivotal response training.

5.  Intentional instruction in social skills to assist the student in developing basic skills that include, but are not limited to, attending to task, making requests, seeking attention, etc.  

6.  Classroom structure will include visual-based cues regarding organization clarification, and instructions to assist in the student's understanding of classroom expectations.  

7.  Frequent communication with parents about progress, behaviors, concerns, etc.

8.  Data collection forms for both academic and behavior goals

9.  Constant review of data for continued progress and generalization of skills into other environments.