2020-2021 Orchestra

2020-2021 School Year

I’m excited that your child will be joining me for a new year of Orchestra at Wilder! We have many changes due to the unprecedented times we are living through, but learning is still more than possible.  

This message will serve as an orientation to our online learning structure and student requirements. Our district has implemented online learning until Labor Day, and hybrid instruction thereafter. For Beginning Orchestra, our first few weeks will be spent introducing procedures and reviewing knowledge from the Introductory Strings Class. We will not play instruments before that information is covered, but we will have weekly assignments to build their music literacy.


Google Classroom: All of our assignments will be posted on Google classroom. The codes are labelled for which class period the student is scheduled. There will be daily assignments which upon completion will serve as the attendance record for that day. Our first week of instruction will be geared toward ensuring students understand how to navigate Google Classroom and submit work properly. 

We will have videos posted to google classroom, but the zoom lessons will be live and not pr-recorded. These sessions will follow the school bell schedule and will be during the first 30 minutes of the class period. I will use that time to teach new concepts, help them through the online content, and answer any questions they may have. 

When we start to play instruments, I will have group lessons via Zoom and create assignments where students upload recordings of their practice so that I can hear any issues and keep them on track. 


Grading: Our grades will be split evenly between the following categories: 

Participation-Daily assignments that also serve as attendance records

Classwork-Weekly assignment based on lesson

Homework-Weekly assignment based on lesson 

Tests-Midterm and 9 week Final assessment reviewing all information up to the test date

Quizzes- Assessment reviewing one or more weeks of instruction 


Supplies: The most important supply for Orchestra will be the student’s assigned instrument. We had instrument fittings last year where I let students know what they would be playing this year. If you need to check the instrument or the size, feel free to message me and I will let you know. Students will have until Labor Day to secure an instrument for at home or in class instruction. The instrument should come with a case and a bow at minimum. In addition to that, students will need:  

1) a shoulder rest for violin and viola players (suggested brands Kun, Artino, or Viva) 

2) an endpin anchor for cello and bass 

3) a soft cloth for cleaning the instrument 

4) Extra set of strings for violin and viola (suggested brand Daddario Prelude or Pro Arte) 

5) Sound Innovations Book 1 for their respective instruments 

6) Black one inch binder 

7) Dividers 

8) Rosin for violin, viola, or cello. I have Bass rosin at school 

9) clip on tuner (suggested brand Snark or Korg) 

10) metronome (suggested brand Korg) 


Instrument Rentals: I recommend renting from a shop that applies your payment to the purchase and/or upgrade of your instrument. A few suggested options are: 

Terra Nova Violins 6983 Blanco Rd. San Antonio,TX 78216 210-349-4700 https://www.terranovaviolins.com 

Music and Arts 8206 Agora Parkway Suite 110 Selma, TX 78154 210-566-1920 https://www.musicarts.com 

Duckworth Violin Shop 301 W San Antonio St New Braunfels, TX 78130 830 627-1778   http://duckworthviolinshop.com 

Antonio Strad Violin 10288 San Pedro San Antonio, TX 78216 210-349-9788 https://www.stradviolin.com 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to a year of creative solutions and continued progress!