What can I do to help my child this year?

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1. Sign up for TXConnect, make sure they have the pasword, and check grades weekly. Know that a Missing (M) often means they did not turn in an assignment when they think they did OR they were absent and I need them to know they have work to make up.  Don't panic- the M will be replaced when/if the work is received.

2. Ask questions of them- get them talking about their day.  Ask open ended questions where they need to explain their answers and provide you wth details (this will definitely help in their writing)

3. Allow them to advocate for themselves if they have questions or concerns about a grade or assignment.  It may be a bit scary for them (it was for e when I was a student) , but it helps build resilience as well as the relationship between the student and the teacher.

4. Complete the parent survey on the web page.  This will help the teacher to better understand your child.

5. Encourage going the 'extra mile.'  Support the idea of them joining clubs and organizations, taking on leadership roles, etc.

6. Make sure they do have 'down time' where they are just relaxing and taking time for themselves.

7. Grades sometimes begin lower than usual (especially with writing).  Students who have always had all A's often find themselves receiving B's or C's on assignments.  This usually balances out as they get to know the teacher, expectations, and learn the new skills required.  Help them to acknowledge this, take a deep breath, and keep marching forward.  No need to be discouraged.