What's Up Wilder Podcast

  • Trends

    by Mrs. Ramos Length: 17:06

    Arrow, Addison, Avery and Piper talk about the different trends young teens are experiencing these days.

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  • Paranormal

    by Mrs. Ramos Length: 11:13

    In this episode our students will take us on a paranormal tour of some local haunted places. 

    Piper Brown will share some information about the Magnolia Hotel in Sequin, TX

    Arrow Villa will take us back in history to the haunted Black Swan Inn

    and Addison Davenport will talk about the aparitions from The Menger Hotel.

    ***Disclaimer: This episode does talk about how some people died.

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  • Gamers Beware

    by Mrs. Ramos Length: 12:48

    On today's episode, our students will talk to you about some of the most popular games and gaming devices.

    Trent Eddy will explain to us what T (Teen) rated games are the most popular.

    Piper Brown will let us know which gaming devices are most used amongst teens.

    Addison Davenport will give us some insight on a VR game.

    And, Evan Estes will talk to us about the more mature games that teens like to play.

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  • The Spring Break Podcast

    by Mrs. Ramos and 5th/6th Graders Length: 15:30

    On this episode of Wha'ts Up Wilder, we have some of our 5th and 6th grade students here to talk to us about where to go and what to do during Spring Break.

    Grace Luckenbach will tell us about some stay at home ideas to keep you entertained.

    Breannah Matthews will talk to us about some local hot spots.

    Avery Robertson has some information on what to do if you travel around Texas.

    Nariah Miller will inform us about some exciting places to visit across the U.S.

    And, last but not least, Piper Brown will speak to us about some worldwide travel ideas during spring break.

    We hope you enjoy and find this episode useful.

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